W.F.A.S. Barcelona symposium
(on 18 Oct.98 at 9:45 at the lecture room No.4)


Masako Yoshikawa, Hitoshi Kato and Naoko Onodera
Toho Acupuncture Clinic,14-2,minami 21, Ohdori, Obihiro,
Hokkaido 080-0010, Japan


Contra-point needling, contra-lateral needling and upper-lower points combination of the same-named channel, as described in the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, are well known as the treatments for pains. In our clinic, we further developed a new treatment method of acu-point that is diagonal to the pain site and coupled channel reversed selection in limbs. This method can regulate the balance of the Yin-Yang not only for upper-lower or left-right, but also for whole human body at once by only one acu-point. This treatment for pains, named as The Yin-Yang Tai-Ji Acupuncture ( The Yin-Yang Cross Acupuncture ) has been extensively applied in our clinic. The excellent effects are reported in this paper.


First, we define the anomaly channel where pain site belongs. Then, the acu-point will be diagonal to the pain site. For example, if the pain site is the Taixi (K 3) on the Kidney Channel of Foot-Shaoyin of the right foot, then the resultant acu-point will be Yanglao (SI 6) on the Small Intestine Channel of Hand-Taiyang on the left wrist. The left wrist is diagonal to the right foot and Taiyang Channel is coupled with Shaoyin Channel. The suitable needling sensation will sweep the pain immediately. If the pain has cold, heat, deficiency or excess, appropriate acupuncture technique should be considered.

Case 1

Sex: Female Age: 55 Occupation: Ceramist
First consultation: Jan. 10th, 1998

Chief complaints:
Pain was felt in the left ankle in the Qiuxu (G 40) because of a swelling. Although without any special sprain, the pain became more serious than a couple of days before.

Symptoms at first consulting and treatment course:
Light edema in the face, dark red tongue body, white and slightly thick tongue coating , and uneven pulse were diagnosed. The Qimen (Liv 14) and the Riyue (G 24) in the abdomen, and the Ganshu (B 18) and Shenshu (B 23) in the back felt pain when pressed. After a needling in the right Daling (P 7), the pain was alleviated while the ankle was twisted. The swelling was also relieved gradually after the treatment. The pain was found fully recovered on Jan. 21st when the patient came again for the treatment of other disease. So, the pain was cured by only one treatment.

Case 2

Sex: Female Age: 57 Occupation: Dairy farmer
First consultation: Oct. 28th, 1997

Chief complaints:
Pain in the interior side of left knee.

Symptoms at first consulting and treatment course:
The pain started 12 years ago and was diagnosed as deforming knee arthritis. Various treatments including injection, wet packing and acupuncture had been taken, but the pain still remained. The pain displayed fixed pain, stick pain, red, swelling,overnight pain and spontaneous pain. In the past,bruise had also happened. The condition worsened on the change of the weather. The tongue body was redish. Many shallow fissures in the center of the tongue surface and the dilatation of the under tongue vein were observed. Accoding to the location of the pain, we considered it a result of the stagnancy of blood, a consequence of the Dampness and Heat Impediment Pattern of the Spleen Channel.
The Quchi (LI 11) in the Large Intestine Channel of Hand-Yangming was chosen as the acu-point for the reason that Hand-Yangming is coupled with the Lung Channel of Hand-Taiyin, the same-named channel of the Spleen Channel of Foot-Taiyin. The Penetrating Heaven Cooling Method was applied and it led to the subsidence of the heat. In addition, Zhangmen (Liv 13), Sanyinjiao (Sp 6) and Pishu (B20) etc. were acupunctured as well. Further more, the patient was guided to use plum-blossom needle for daily self treatment. By now, the patient has been free from the pain and leads a normal life.


Case 1

The Daling is the Yuan-(Primary-)Point of the Pericardium Channel of Hand-Jueyin and the pain site, Qiuxu, is the Yuan-(Primary-)Point of the Gallbladder Channel of Foot-Shaoyang and Shaoyang Channel is coupled with the Jueyin Channel. In this case, we believe, the pain was cured by achieving the upper-lower, left-right and exterior-interior balance. Moreover, the Hand-Jueyin connects with the Liver Channel of Foot-Jueyin, and the liver determines the condition of the tendons. Therefore, the adjustment of the Liver Channel was also achieved, and subsequently improved the curative effect in this case.

Case 2

Quchi is able to drain the exess and heat because it is an uniting earth point of the Large Intestine Channel of Hand-Yangming, and the earth is the derivative of the fire. Quchi can also adjust the coupled channel, the Taiyin, which removes the dampness and is possessed of curing points for the Impediment Pattern of Dampness and Heat. The elbow and the knee are in diagonal position according to the physical balance, this could also help the curing of the pain.

Conclusion This method has been applied to various kinds of pains. The pains were cured or alleviated in almost every case. The duration of cure was also shortened. These results support the classic theory that channels adjust the Yin-Yang. We are sure, this method could adjust the Yin-Yang balance of whole human body at a maximum range by adding the notion of coupled channels' relationship.


Yanglao(SI 6)
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the pain site
Taixi(K 3)
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case 1.

Daling(P 7)
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the pain site
Qiuxu(G 40)
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case 2.
Quchi(LI 11)
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